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Koala Lumphammer

11/01/2018 at 11:27 by brad

Almost two weeks with no updates. My concentration span is shot so I’m not really taking pictures and I don’t have the patience to update this blog… Something I’ll have to work on. Some recaps are to come, but at the moment stringing words together is proving to be quite difficult.

In short, here’s what’s happened:

  • I crated and sent the bike to Kuala Lumpur
  • Spent new year in Mumbai
  • Flew to KL
  • Took the banana for some servicing and new tyres, where it remains until tomorrow(?)

I like KL. It’s twinned with Gotham

Still Alive…

25/11/2017 at 10:07 by brad

Well, I’m still alive…

That was last night on Vagator beach. It’s the international bike show. It was pretty OK. I won a hat on the wheelie bike, but then I went back to it five minutes later and the chain was busted, which I think I may have done.


There was another bike show last week that was Royal Enfield specific but I didn’t go to it at all. I’m not a huge fan of Enfields. They’re not the bikes I dreamed of when I was a kid and as an adult they just seem a bit lacking compared to those available nowadays.

I might be wrong though. I’m wrong about a lot of things a lot of the time.

Yesterday was also a RED-ASS-LETTER-DAY as a big box of parts for the banana turned up, posted to me from England by my friend Rue (LOVE YOU BOO.)

These parts pretty much all came from who are utterly amazing for anything adventure-y and Yamaha-y. Go to them for all your XT needs.

They sourced a bunch of parts not listed on their website for me and the prices were really reasonable.

Stuff what I got:

  • New radiator cap
  • One coolant temperature sensor
  • One pair of front brake pads, which I needed because I’m dumb and forgot I have twin discs at the front. I’ve been toting one pair about since London…
  • Oil filter
  • Thermostat. Don’t strictly need it but hell, I’m replacing most of the cooling system so what the hell.
  • A new rear sprocket

The rear sprocket. Dear God, the rear sprocket…

We can charitably call that a bit ruined, I reckon.

It’s an alloy one and while it’s been out through the ringer more than just a little bit I wasn’t expecting this kind of wear. Properly mangled, it is.

So this morning Big and Little Chris instructed me in the arts of removing wheels, replacing sprockets, replacing brake pads and being a god. damned. man. Which I then ruined by refusing to let them change the sensor out for the new one.

It’s a simple job. I know it’s a simple job, a bit fiddly but ‘eh’. I’d rather not mess about with it. Probably a tank off job because of where it is and I’d like it to be torqued properly as it’s inside the water jacket. Big Chris thinks I am a wimp and he is correct.

Part of this is a corporate mindset I’ve not been able to shake. I don’t mind paying for something if it means I can blame them if it goes wrong. This is the wrong way of thinking when travelling. It’s much better to do it properly, yourself. I don’t trust myself yet, though…

Tonight I may be going to the afterparty for the bike show, except I appear to have twisted a muscle or something in my lower back. Probably from lifting wheels off and bending over with spanners all morning.

So, I will rest up the rest of the day then make sure I drink enough booze that I can’t feel it anymore and also so I can’t feel feelings in general because they are lame and stop you from going full Viking and destroying everything and setting fire to the rubble, sailing away carrying their livestock and singing sweet Viking songs.


Dr. Bashir, I Presume

19/10/2017 at 13:20 by brad

This was my morning.

The main objective was to identify the reason the fan isn’t coming on, which is where Mr Ustad Bashir comes in.

He’s probably the best Big bike mechanic in Pakistan, fully Honda trained. He spent a good couple of hours going over the electrical systems with a multimeter and patience. We couldn’t get it fixed as it’s either the temperature sensor (please god let it be this) or the ECU (PLEASE NO, DON’T LET IT BE THIS).

In the meantime, the bodge wire has been retired in favour of a switch wired into the fan relay. All the existing electrics are back to stock and free from splices so hopefully it’s just a small sensor to replace.

The last thing approximating a full service for the Banana was waaaaaay the hell back in Istanbul, which is probably getting on for 10,000km now, so the air filter got a clean and the sparkplug and oil were changed out. The oil overflow pipe got emptied too, as it was overflowing into the air filter box.

The oil was particularly bad. Consistency of water almost. Apparently the maximum sensible interval for oil changes here is about 3-4,000km as the petrol is full of junk.

There is still some stalling but this is probably additive buildup on the injectors. Hoping some STP will clear it up.

A whole morning’s work, some genuinely friendly and decent service and it cost just 10,000 rupees including oil.

If you’re in Pakistan come on down to see him for all your big bike work. He’s on Tipu road, Rawlipindi and his website is at